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Born Harold Williams to parents Harold and Rita Gethers, Lefty grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. Raised with 7 other brothers and sisters, Lefty learned early that if he wanted something it wasn’t going to come easily; there would be many days of sacrifice and hard work. It was also early in his life that there sprouted two loves in Lefty: his love for basketball and his love for the Lord. These loves taught him early that in order to get what was divinely meant for him, he had to be obedient and follow God’s will. It has been obedience to God and the favor of God over his life that has carried Lefty. Lefty credits who he is today to the many growing pains he has faced in life.

From his younger brother’s fight with seizures resulting in a coma, to his mother’s triumph over ovarian cancer, to his wife’s fight for her life after a miscarriage, Lefty has learned the importance of holding on to the promises of God. Accomplishing much in his basketball career such as scoring of his 1000 points and 985 rebounds in high school in only three years of varsity basketball, earning defensive player of the year twice during college, and signing a professional contract after attending a Division 3 school (which many deemed impossible); Lefty proclaims one of his defining moments was being asked to join the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters! He made Globetrotter history by becoming the first left handed showman to sign with the team. After his departure from the Globetrotters, ESPN, the world’s largest sports network, called his trade
“from the losingest team of all time to the winningest team of all time... a deal straight out of Ripleys Believe it or Not” The article by Tom Friend, gave the world a glimpse of the story about the man that is Harold “Lefty” Williams.

Off the basketball court, Lefty found great inspiration from his maternal grandfather Thomas Williams. Because of his grandfather, Lefty has tried to live his life in such a way that it would be motivational to all who crossed his path. His desire to live such a life started with his experiences as a peer educator in his home town of Jersey City, NJ. and has transcended itself in his role as a husband and father. Lefty has often said that Shyneefa, his wife and childhood friend, is one of the reasons that he is who he is today. She has shared in both his failures and triumphs, walking along side him through it all. Through her, God has gifted Lefty his daughter, Kiara and his sons, EJ, CJ; both whom Lefty calls shinning stars in his life. It is his family, that Lefty often says is the reason he does what he continues to do. His desires to motivate are also visible from his travels to 25 countries around the world as a professional basketball player, in his music, as a motivational speaker as well as in his current position as a youth mentor.
"Thanks again for coming out and speaking with our students! I know that they truly enjoyed both your talented skills and words of encouragement. Thanks again!!"
Keith Koteles, PE Teacher
Joseph W. Grier Academy / Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
"Talents and gifts not accompanied by hard work, determination and commitment are bound to dry up. In order for us to succeed at what we set out to do we must work hard at perfecting our craft, be determined not to allow failures to make us give up and be committed to giving back to others what has been given to us. Lefty exhibit these ideals in the work that he does. Lefty gives back to the community a sense of hope and assurance that all things are possible."
Tony Dorsett Jr.
NFL Player
"Dare 2 Dream is helping and encouraging youth and adults all over to never give up. This is a motivation for people all over to have faith and to believe."
Jimmy Donnell
"Harold Lefty Williams isn't afraid to fail. Didn't waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learned from failures how to go on to the next challenge. It's OK to fail. If you're not failing, you're not growing. Failure is success turned inside out."
Ray K. Morris
Basketball Manager / Entrepreneur
"TSG had the honor and privilege of spending an entire day with Lefty Williams. Lefty is a natural at what he does to inspire people. He brings to the arena a charm, magic touch and charisma that cannot be replicated He is a natural in the world of people with intellectual disabilities. He empowers them, and treats them with dignity and respect at all times. Lefty wears many hats and wears them well. He touches lives in a way few people can. He is a people person... He is a mentor... He is a leader. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a "Day with Lefty."
Dario and Linda Stucchi
Therapeutic Service Group
"Dare to dream will help in so many ways. I'm excited what lefty is doing. He has a heart for the kids and for the community. This event will help change lives."
Frank Murphy
NFL Player
"Lefty is not only my best friend but he is truly my brother. There is nothing he wouldn't do for anyone that he comes in contact with and his love for The Lord only gets stronger by the days. Dare to dream will inspire a younger generation to become the young men and young women that God has created them to be."
Kareem Megargel
Fire Fighter
"Lefty Williams exudes strong spiritual faith and a hard work ethic. He, through actions an testimonies, can inspire today's youth to reach for their goals in life and not settle for anything less. Dare2Dream can instill necessary tools needed to combat all obstacles in you life to achieve one's goal."
Jamonn Little
Former Harlem Ambassador
"Harold Lefty Williams is truly a treasure of a man with a heart for the things of God and the people of God. His love for youth is unparalleled. Dare 2 Dream will inspire kids to believe in themselves despite life's challenges and personal obstacles."
Pastor Edward Weston
"It was a Joy to have Lefty come out and participate in Charlotte Housing Authority’s 2nd annual Father Day Event and very inspirational watching the children interact with Lefty. It was especially encouraging to know that Lefty is willing to invest in the well being of our children. We look forward to bringing Lefty back to work with our youth in the future."
Tomico P. Evans
Family Support Manager | Charlotte Housing Authority

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